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Are You A Candidate For Cell Therapy or Functional Healthcare?

Cell Therapy and Functional Healthcare is beyond miraculous in its results, but not everyone is a candidate. Call our compassionate and experienced team to find out if our office is right for you!

Effective Neuropathy Treatment

Stop living a limited lifestyle and dealing with never-ending pain and weakness!
Our neuropathy treatment is:
Our 3 step neuropathy treatment helps to bring your nerves and body back to life.


LED Therapy

Infrared therapy has been proven to increase circulation, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation.
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Vibration Therapy

Vibration helps to rejuvenate these limbs by stimulating blood flow and reigniting sensory nerves that signal for key nutrient production.
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Laser Therapy

Our Class IV Cold Laser stops inflammation from accumulating and damaging the tissues and aids the body's production of vital proteins and amino acids.
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We are offering a reduced price for new patients who want to try our neuropathy treatment before committing to a full treatment plan.
*Patients must meet treatment criteria, not all patients will qualify for treatment.

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Integrative Healthcare

Using state of the art treatment protocols we can provide noninvasive relief where traditional medicine cannot. We achieve unimaginable results and get you back to living your best life!

Advanced Medicine

Exosomes are powerful elements that can restore cellular health throughout the body! Safe and effective treatment for joint injuries, pain, reduced mobility, and limited range of motion.

Medical Spa Treatments

We can't time travel but our MEDSPA services have the ability to make you look and feel like you did decades ago! Remove wrinkles and start functioning like you did in your youth today!

We believe your body is an interconnected system that works in harmony to create health. Therefore, we don’t treat your individual symptoms or use medications to cover up your symptoms. Instead, we use a patient-centered Whole Systems Approach, called Regenerative and Functional Healthcare, that uncovers and treats the root cause of your symptoms to restore harmony and balance to your health.
Whether you want to live your life to the highest potential or need to take back control over your health, we are here to help. If traditional medicine has let you down and you’re frustrated, you have found your answer. We have helped over a thousand patients get well.
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Your Health Is Our Passion

This isn’t our hobby or even our job, this is our passion! We eat, sleep and think about natural health care. Our entire team has committed their lives to being the very best they can be. We train, we practice, we brainstorm together and we take this very, very seriously. We have one goal- to be the very best doctor’s office you have ever been to.
Many doctors and their teams are too busy, too distracted and not really even that healthy themselves. We walk the walk, and talk the talk. We’re not saying other doctors can’t be helpful, but if you really want to get serious about your health and take it to the next level, you’ve found the right team to help you.
We are here to serve you (we don’t work for the insurance companies), we have longer appointment times, and we accept a limited amount of patients to ensure proper care is being delivered to everyone who we are caring for.  True health comes from change, not passively receiving treatments or medications from a doctor’s office. We like to think of ourselves as your coaches, mentors and guides to a better life. We build relationships, we actually care, we hold you accountable to do what’s best for you, and most importantly, we are 100% focused on helping you in the pursuit of getting what you want…a better life!

How Can Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers Transform Your Life?

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If you feel like traditional medicine is failing you, WE CAN HELP! If you have already tried drugs and therapy but still don’t feel your brain health, energy, or mood are where they need to be, then give us a call! It’s important to seek help from a Certified  Functional Medical Practitioner (C.F.M.P.) who is trained to look at all aspects of your health.

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$350 Neuropathy Treatment

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This special offer includes:

  • LED Therapy
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy

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