10 ways to lose weight

Atlanta Weight Loss and Body Balance.

I am the CEO and managing partner of this business, and I wanted to give you a video about 10 ways to lose weight. I gotta tell you, there’s a lot of problems going on right now, with people trying to lose weight and they can’t. They’re doing everything right. They are exercising, they’re having a trainer, they’re having nutrition classes, they are eating healthy, they are dieting, they’re doing pills, they’re taking protein shakes, they are Keto fasting, they are intermittent fasting, and nobody’s losing weight.

So, here’s what I find when we’re dealing with really serious weight loss issues in our community. There’s 10 things I want to go through with you. I wrote them down, just to make sure I get them all covered here. But there’s three things, uh 10 things. 


Number one. 

When you’re dieting, you’re literally starving your body of vital nutrients that you need. I don’t care if it’s low-carb, vegan, low fat, I don’t care what it is. To diet means to die, which means you’re eliminating something. And yes, dieting will make you lose weight in the short term, but it creates tremendous inflammation and metabolic damage in the long run. So the first thing to do is stop dieting, and get yourself educated on what’s going on. 

Number two.

You’ve gotta have some sort of way to measure how well your cell, the cells of your body are functioning. A lot of weight loss problems and weight gain is due to a sick cellular structure. You’re, the cells that make up your body, specifically your metabolism and your gut, and your organs, they’re damaged. They’re not functioning properly. They can’t absorb nutrients in, they can’t get toxins out, and they just stay like a wrinkled raisin instead of a plump grape, and then in essence what’s happening is, is your body is just getting sicker, and you’re gaining weight.

Get to somebody that can check the health of your cell. We can do that in our clinics. You also need to check the health of your metabolism. Have you ever had your metabolism checked? How old it is? We have people coming in our office that are 25 years old, that have a metabolism of a 70 year old, and when that’s damaged like that, you could diet all day long, you could eat healthy foods, but if the metabolism isn’t controlling the, uh, isn’t working the right way, it doesn’t matter what you do, your metabolism’s messed up. You’re metabolism’s broken.


Number three.

Get a way to measure how well your metabolism is working. Find out what your metabolic age is. The next thing is, you’ve gotta remove toxins. Whether that’s food, whether that’s household chemicals, whether it’s plastic, whether it’s air… I don’t care what it is. Figure out how to measure the toxins in your body and remove those toxins out of the system.

Remove inflammation. This is a big one. Inflammation’s a killer right now. It’s killing everybody. Measure your inflammation in your body and figure out how to eliminate inflammation in the body. Our programs do that. Rebuild your gut. I don’t mean take probiotics. I mean seriously figure out how to rebuild the gut flora. Rebuild your gut’s ability to absorb food nutrients, and also eliminate waste, and that’s another way we can get healthy weight loss.

Rebuild the cell. The cell, if it’s damaged, you’ve gotta figure out how to rebuild that cell. We do that. Rebuild that metabolism. Once we find out why, how it’s damaged, we need to rebuild that metabolism. Uh, we need to restore micronutrients. Number nine. One of the biggest issues people are not losing weight is they are so depleted in their micronutrients. Their metabolites, their sodium, their potassium, their calciums, their electrolytes, they’re so far down on the floor that no matter what you do, your body is just holding onto everything and swelling like a little, like a, swelling like a pig. So, you’ve gotta get your micronutrient balance under control.


Number four.

Last but not least, the biggest one, is to make sure that you do not have an insulin sensitivity. Insulin problems, I don’t care if you don’t have diabetes, I’m not talking about diabetes. I’m talking about insulin problems. If you have insulin problems, you’re not going to be able to maintain health, you’re not going to maintain proper organ function, metabolism function, brain function, organ function, and thus you’re going to continue gaining weight and getting sicker.

Check out our website, atlantaintegrative.tempurl.host. Give us a call, and let’s run you through some testing, and let’s see if we can help you figure out if these top 10 things are the reason why you’re not losing weight, and not only lose weight, but lose weight and gain health. There’s, there’s the other component. We want to not only lose, lose, weight, we want to gain our health too.

I look forward to meeting you. Doctor Tedder.