6 most common culprits that break your brain

Many of us don’t even consider our brains as a part of our health. We think if something happens in
our brain we will get a major symptom to take to the medical world and wait for the major diagnosis
that only a neurosurgeon has the solution to. The fact is, if you think about all common complaints in
todays world they are directly related to our brains,as the master control of our entire body, but there
are things you can do to fix it yourself. Such as thyroid issues, female/male hormones issues, gut
related issues…all starts in our brains.
I am going to go over with you (6) common things that can causes your brain to dysfunction and you
can take control to get fixed on your own.

1) Our brains are directly connected to our guts, it is a mirror to our gut.
If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or brain fog it is time to find out what is happening in
your gut. Your gut produces neurotransmitters that keep your brain happy and functioning well. Many
just go to the medical world for a pill to make them feel better, the problem with this is that you are not
addressing the underlying root cause which is your gut. By taking a pill to fix the symptoms, the
underlying root cause is only going to keep getting worse leading to additional problems, additional
medications which then created other issues entirely with liver function, hormonal issues and on and
on. It is always better to discover the root cause, correct it and live a life free of medication. Fix your
gut your brain will change!

2) Your brain has its own detox system
It is called glymphatic system. How this system work is you have something called Cerebral spinal
fluid that is pumped from the base of your tailbone up your spine and around your brain. There are two
ways to improve this system- first is with sleep. When you sleep, your brain shrinks so CFS can more
more smoothly through the deep parts of your brain to detox. The second way to improve is to be sure
your spine is keep healthy through good chiropractic care. You spine protects your spinal cord and the
fluid surrounding it. Any damage to the spine or straightening or your spinal curve will slow down the
flow of CSF in and out of your brain.

3) Less toxins
Happier brain- lead, mercury, mold, glyphosate are causing brain disorder at alarming rates. Studies
have shown that lead is now being linked to cognitive decline, depression, language delay in children
and ADD. Lead and mercury are generational toxicities, they is passed to the unborn fetus in utero
from the mother for 4 generations.
Harvard School of Public Health recently reported that in their research on mercury and children that
“the more mercury they were exposed to in the womb, the worse they were off in terms of language
skills, attention span, motor speed and things like that

4) Your brain need a special diet
If you want your brain to function optimally, you need to feed it the right diet. Your brain thrives on
three things, good fat, ketones ad BDNF. If you follow me on social media or worked with me
personally, you know I am a believe in plenty of good healthy fats.
But what is BDNF? It is growth hormone for your brain. The only way to get it is through exercise.
The more strenuous the exercise the more BDNF you secrete.

5) Neurotransmitter are your fast pass to happiness
You need a daily dose of neurotransmitters in order for your brain to function properly. The first step to
getting the right dose of neurotransmitters is like I said in the first section, you need to repair your gut.
There are certain breathing techniques you can also to to help secrete GABA to calm your brain.
There are natural ways to increase your neurotransmitter production. The 3 we use in our office are
Neurosyn (keeps your brain happy), CALM (relaxes your brain)and DREM (helps with sleep).

6) Feed your brain nourishing thoughts
I think it is difficult to change your thoughts when your gut is out of balance, your neurotransmitters
are depleted and your brain is packed with toxins and heavy metals. But having said that it is incredibly
important to give your brain happy thoughts. The fastest way to do that is to put your self in as many
happy and uplifting environments as possible!
Fix your brain, you will change your health forever!