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When researching about stem cells you will find, even from the moment we begin growing, this process is accomplished through the work of stem cells. All the cells that make us up can ultimately be traced to stem cells. These cells have unique properties due to their purpose in our bodies. They are the foundational cells of our being - as we develop, all of the cells in our bodies are created by being able to renew themselves through stem cell division or differentiate into new cells.

Using stem cells that have been retrieved from the Wharton’s jelly in donated umbilical cord tissue, stem cell therapy can give your body the opportunity to reset itself and return it to its youthful, full function. We all want our bodies to retain the strength and health we enjoyed in our youth, and stem cell therapy, through its regenerative repair process, can help you accomplish that goal without expensive invasive procedures.

What Are Wharton’s Jelly Derived Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the factories in which all other cells in your body are produced. Stem cells can be found in Wharton’s jelly derived from donated umbilical cords. Wharton’s jelly derived Mesenchymal stem cells have the benefit of being brand new, with none of the accompanying issues with aging that can occur with adult stem cells. These mesenchymal stem cells produce collagens and proteins that your body uses to heal and regenerate itself, as well as growth factors that encourage the production of new tissue.

While most cells in your body are extremely specialized and can only reproduce cells identical to themselves, stem cells have the unique property of being able to either create more stem cells or differentiate into other types of cells when they reproduce. When tissues are damaged through injury or through the simple wear and tear that time puts on our bodies, we need the tissues to regenerate in order for them to heal. An amazing fact about stem cells, is they have the potential to replicate or regenerate any cell in your body.
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