Depression and Anxiety: New and Better Treatments

Every year, one in three people faces depression and anxiety. Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers offers integrative therapeutics, including hormone replacement that can help. Talk with your doctor to get the help you need to live a happier, more satisfying life.

Integrative Medicine, Integrative Wellness, Hormone Replacement Therapy Now Used To Treat Depression And Anxiety

Many people often confuse depression and anxiety since most of their symptoms overlap. But they are not the same.

Depression is a mental illness with both emotional and physical symptoms. The symptoms include brain fog, diminished energy, persistent weakness and trouble concentrating or making decisions. Physical effects of depression can manifest through cramps or gastrointestinal issues, changes in weight, as well as trouble sleeping, insomnia, or excessive sleepiness.

It has both emotional and physical symptoms. The symptoms include:

  • Diminished energy.
  • Persistent muscle weakness.
  • Trouble concentrating or making decisions.
  • Cramps or gastrointestinal issues. 
  • Changes in weight. 
  • Trouble resting, waking early, or sleeping late.
  • Anger and restlessness.
  • Feeling hopeless.

Anxiety is a constant fear or worry. It can happen to anyone from time to time; some people worry more and have anxiety or panic attacks. This is a chronic type of anxiety. Anxiety symptoms often overlap with depression symptoms, resulting in feelings of exhaustion, trouble thinking or decision-making, and sleep disturbances.

Additionally, individuals may experience rapid heart rate, panic attacks, and uncontrollable feelings of dread. The symptoms include:

  • Feeling exhausted.
  • Trouble thinking or decision-making. 
  • Muscle pressure and feeling tense.
  • Dashing heart. 
  • Trouble controlling concern or dread.
  • Constant fear.

Due to increased awareness, mental illnesses are treated with more care. Do not delay seeking treatment if you identify with any of these symptoms!

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, talk to a healthcare provider and ask how integrative therapies can help improve your symptoms and improve your daily life.

Integrative Wellness Therapies for Depression and Anxiety

Integrative medicine for depression and anxiety relies on a combination of advanced healthcare procedures and evidence-based alternative medical treatments. We believe your body has the power to heal itself with the proper support and balance.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormonal disruptions can contribute to depression and anxiety in individuals of all ages and genders. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been shown to help treat depression in peri- and postmenopausal woman, while thyroid hormones, testosterone, DHEA, and other bioidentical hormones can help balance the body’s natural levels to reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Atlanta Integrative Wellness Centers use hormone replacement therapy as part of an integrative treatment plan.

Integrative Medicine and Integrative Wellness.

Integrative medicine is a combination of modern, clinically-proven procedures and holistic knowledge of medicine. It is used to provide treatment for various health issues, including mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Integrative medicine and integrative wellness seek to heal the “mind, soul, and body.” This goal is achieved by different advanced healthcare procedures and treatments. From acupuncture and massage to meditation, yoga, and herbal remedies, our doctors rely on a variety of therapies to restore health and balance.

integrated wellness techniques to help with depression and anxiety:

Eat healthy: a healthy diet has a significant impact on a person’s wellbeing. So a healthy and balanced diet is essential.

Stay active: physical activity is a natural way to treat depression and anxiety. Releasing endorphins can enhance your sense of well-being, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

Sleep well: the mind is controlled by sleeping patterns. Less sleep means slow brain function, leading to inefficiency. So an 8-hour sleep is the most important.

Studies have shown that integrative wellbeing practices can help individuals with short term and chronic anxiety or depression.

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