Fad diet vs. Technology based program

FAD DIETs or any other diets out there even the ones that are not a fad and have
been around for 30 years. They are based on calorie reduction. This is what
happens with calorie reduction. Lets say you eat 2000 calories a day; you want to
lose weight so you lower it down to 1500 calories. You body is very smart so after
some time it will lower it’s metabolic rate down to meet that 1500 calorie intake you
have been giving it. Just as you would adjust your household spending budget if
income became reduced.
Eventually you get tired and no longer seeing much success with weight loss as you
saw initially (before the body made the adjustment to meet the lower intake with its
expenditure) You start eating 2000 calories again and Guess what?? The weight
comes back on and then some. IF you repeat this multiple times in your life you
metabolism will be broken or damaged. Weight loss becomes almost impossible at
this point, in fact your just gain weight no matter how much you reduce your eating
or increase your exercise. This frustrated process is what most Americans are going
through and why obesity is at epidemic proportions in our country.
Now lets compare this to what we offer at Atlanta Weight loss and body balance.

What does Technology based mean???
Technology based weight loss program will look at all of your internal critical
factors to find out exactly what is causing your body to hold weight onto excess
The key to successful and permanent weight loss is finding out what the underlying
causes are to weight loss hormonal imbalances.
We have about 30 hormones in our bodies that regulate weight loss, weight gain,
when you are hungry, when you are satiated, our will power and our discipline to
stick with a new eating plan.
Weight loss is NOT about calories, or even exercise or certainly not what ever the
new weight loss “miracle pill” is out there on the market. It is HORMONAL.
The keys are finding out what is causing these hormones to be out of balance. This
is not easy task. Is it environmental toxins, stress, lack of sleep or food sensitivities?
There are many factors that can play into the imbalances. But the real thing is that
everyone is DIFFERENT. We are all different, had different childhoods, under
different stress levels, man, woman, child and on and on.

This is where technology shines. Our Biomax technology scan reads your body
specifically to uncover those interferences causing the imbalances in YOUR body. It
is like your fingerprint, specific to only you.
Our programs at Atlanta Weight Loss and Body Balance use this technology to
uncover your cause of weight loss hormone imbalances so when the program is
followed there is success each and every time.
We are called weight loss and body balance because we balance your weight loss
hormones and the weight is lost as a natural side effect of the balancing. There are
no drugs, surgeries, shots or stimulants of any kind. This is a 100% natural program
based on science, physiology and biochemical individuality.
It is like NOTHING else out there!
It also comes with and eating plan and follow- up visits in order to educate you
about the process so it will then become a way of life.