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Common Conditions We Help With

With the constant bombardment, it’s no wonder our brains and bodies are overstressed. Unfortunately, your body can only keep this “go, go, go” lifestyle going for so long. Sooner or later, your body has enough. That’s when you begin to experience fatigue, mental fog and other symptoms that can be debilitating. For the majority of people, fatigue is second to an underlying health issue.
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Brain Health- Anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, stress, sleeplessness, lack of focus, ADHD, brain fog or memory problems.
If you suffer with anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, stress, sleeplessness, lack of focus, ADHD, brain fog or memory problems, you are not alone. Chronic stress takes a toll on the body and its hormones and neurotransmitters, taking it from “feed and breed” mode to “fight or flight” mode. This in turn can lead to chemical imbalances and nutrient depletion, which leads to more neurotransmitter imbalances. You can see what a vicious circle this becomes.
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Here at the Integrative Wellness Center, we recognize that your symptoms, fluctuating blood sugar levels, lack of energy, and stubborn pounds and inches, aren’t the real problem. Rather, it’s the underlying cause that’s the real issue.  We look at how everything works together, your organs and body systems that affect your blood sugar. The truth is, it’s rarely just ONE organ or system that causes your blood sugar problems.
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Hormonal Imbalance
Your hormones are intended to influence specific functions such as digestion, metabolism, appetite, sleep, activation of the immune system, and reproduction and tissue repair.  For various reasons your organs and glands may become weak or damaged overtime.
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Leaky Gut
When the digestive system develops gaps between the cells of its membrane lining the substances which should be confined to your digestive tract can “leak” from your intestines and enter your bloodstream. Because these harmful substances aren’t normally in your blood, your immune system recognizes them as foreign invaders and begins to attack them by releasing antibodies. Your immune system literally attacks your own body as if it is an enemy.
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Are you feeling tired, depressed or experiencing mood swings? Are you struggling to lose weight? Are your periods heavy or irregular? Having troubles starting tasks or completing tasks? Can you not remember the last time you just plain felt great? You May Have Hypothyroidism.
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