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Success Stories

Gary lost 27.6 pounds in 30 days!
Gary LOST 27.6 pounds in 30 days!
Jane LOST 15.8 pounds 8 years in metabolic age 3.3% body fat
Jane LOST 15.8 pounds
8 years in metabolic age
3.3% body fat 
Tom LOST 18.8 pounds 8 years in metabolic age 2.9% body fat
Tom LOST 18.8 pounds
8 years in metabolic age
2.9% body fat  
Natalie LOST 25.4 lbs
22 years in metabolic age
LOST 22.1 lbs in 30 days!
Carla lost 17.6 lbs!
"In general i am feeling better and i have less hot flashes. My clothes are fitting better and I have less joint pain."

Rosemary LOST 23 lbs
2.9% body fat
12 years in metabolic age
Miranda has LOST total of 32.2 pounds, 3.5% in body fat and 12 years in metabolic age.  

Jeff has LOST total of 61.8 pounds, 8.6% in body fat and 38 years in metabolic age!

42 year old female LOST 11.6 lbs, 5.1% in body fat and 13 years in metabolic age.

"My total cholesterol was 324. What was driving my total cholesterol number up were my triglycerides. After being on the Atlanta Weight Loss And Body Balance 30 day program my triglycerides where reduced and my cholesterol fell in to optional range. I have more energy, stomach pain is gone and my clothes fit better. I went from a dress size 14 to an 8. My headaches are gone and I was able to be taken off my blood pressure medication"

Miranda and Jeff

Husband and wife, did this program together. They both have great success as a team! Congratulations to the both of them! Miranda and Jeff are still continuing on their journey here at Atlanta Weight Loss And Body Balance. This shows nothing is impossible even as a couple, working as a team, improving all over health together. We appreciate Miranda and Jeff letting us share their success with the world!!
Jeff has LOST total of 31.8 pounds 4.4% body fat 12 years metabolic age  3 lbs in Visceral fat

Well on my way to better health, age 66

I’ve had lifelong bad eating habits. I had to do my part: commit to a lifestyle change. I was ready to change, & did. The program is sensible, IT WORKS. I’ve easily switched to healthier foods, my style: simple, easily & quickly prepared. My Dr. saw the improvements in my blood work, weight, after only 1 mo. on the program. Dr. Susan is great, encouraging, supportive, & knowledgeable. She gave me great advice, I learned a lot. Thank you!

Atlanta Weight Loss and Body Balance

"I am so thrilled to have found Atlanta Weight Loss and Body Balancing. I have been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, hot flashes, and back pain/surgeries from Osteoarthritis. At only 47 and didn’t feel like getting out of the house most of the time. My legs were swelling standing a short time limiting activity and work. I have not only lost a little over 30 pounds, but I feel so much better. I felt hopeless and nothing had helped before. I am now so excited about the future!"

C.R.E.A.T.E the New You and Start Today.

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