The shocking truth about heart disease… Cholesterol may not be to blame

Cholesterol had be vilified as the major cause of heart disease. The world wide claim is that it clogs
our arteries. The un-known fact is…there is no scientific evidence to support this.
Elevated serum cholesterol is NOT a cause of heart attacks and strokes
Eating food high in cholesterol is NOT a cause of elevated serum cholesterol.
Food intake is only about 20% of what creates cholesterol
Eating high cholesterol foods is not a cause of heart attacks and strokes in fact… It is the food high in
cholesterol and saturated fat (such as eggs, meat, fish and poultry) that will actually keep serum
cholesterol down to normal levels.
Virtually ALL of us have been victimized by the anti-cholesterol propaganda campaign..The scientific
truth is…
Cholesterol is an essential substance…Do understand I am not saying high serum cholesterol is good
but the total cholesterol number is made up of several numbers. It is LDL + HDL + 20% of
triglycerides= total cholesterol. It is important to know which number is causing your total cholesterol
number to be elevated. If you fix that number total cholesterol will be decreased.
If it is Triglycerides,normal levels should be between 75-100 mg/dl- If it is elevated, this is usually
caused by insulin resistance, Metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism or hyperlipidproteinemia disorders
Increased LDL cholesterol-normal level < 100 mg/dl- if this is elevated it is usually caused by insulin
resistance, metabolic syndrome, Hypothyroidism
Decreased HDL – optimal levels should be between 55-70- When decreased is is usually caused by
Insulin resistance, inflammatory response, lack of physical activity, auto-immune condition
As you can see there is one root cause of all the numbers being out of normal range. That is insulin
resistance. The person who was responsible for vilifying cholesterol was someone named Ancel Keys.
He was a researcher that in the 1950’s stated there was a direct relationship between the amount of
saturated fat and cholesterol and the incidence of coronary heart disease. With questionable evidence
and faulty research, Keys went about writing articles and promoting his theory through out the medical
Meanwhile, hundred of studies testing his hypothesis have found differing conclusions. But despite the
lack of evidence, this theroy took off through out the healthcare world and was fueled by the vegetable
oils, processed foods, low-fat and fat- free food.
However….When they took out the fat, guess what gets added? SUGAR!
Now go back and look at that common denominator in parts of the cholesterol number….Insulin
Resistance a process that is created by a diet high in sugar and low in saturated fat.
Our cell membranes are made up of a fatty lipid bi-layer , on this layer is where our hormone receptors
reside. The hormone receptors sit on a “raft” made of saturated fat when we took all the saturated fat
from our diets, added inflammatory oils our cells got inflamed blunting these hormones receptors.

Think now about how many hormone related disorders are in our modern world…Infertility, Hormone
replacement therapies, Low testosterone, thyroid disease, obesity..etc..
Is this making sense now?
But back to cholesterol…Close to 90% of all well-planned, properly, documented studies investigating
the lipid theroy of Ancel Keys does not support the claim that cholesterol is artery clogging, cause of
heart disease.
It was the most harmful dietary misrepresentation in history of America.
I would like to give you some benefits of fat and cholesterol. This was research according to Dr. Mary
Enig, PhD, and expert in lipid biochemistry, her extensive research on the roles of saturated fat and
cholesterol in our bodies and the intake in our diets.

  1. Cell membrane Health- As explained before saturated fatty acids and cholesterol constitutes 50% of
    the cell membrane. It is what gives our cells necessary stiffness and integrity.
  2. Bone Health- They both play a vital role in the health of our bones. For calcium r be effectively
    incorporated into our skeleton, at least 50% of dietary fat needs to be saturated. Cholesterol is the
    precursor to vitamin D & many major hormones that regulate stress, energy and sex hormones.
    (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA).
  3. Enhance Immunity- They enhance the immune system and act as a anti-depressant by enhancing
    serotonin receptor function. Low cholesterol is highly associated with violent, aggressive disorder,
  4. Proper use of essential fats- they are needed for proper utilization of essential fatty acids. Omega-3
    fatty acids are better retained in the tissue with a diet that is rich in saturated fats.
  5. Fuel for the Heart- Saturated fats are the preferred fuet for the heart, which is why the fat around the
    heart muscle is highly saturated. The heart draws on this reserve of fat in times of stress.

6.Anti-microbial properties- short and medium chain saturated fatty acids have important anti-
microbial properties. They protect us against harmful micro-organisms in the digestive tract.

Cholesterol plays a vital rold in the repair and maintenance of the intestinal wall, preventing leaky gut
syndrome, ulcerative colitis and many other intestinal disorders.
7.Bile production- Cholesterol produces bile salts that help metabolize fat in our diet

  1. Brain and Nervous system development- Cholesterol is so important for babies and children as they
    develop their brains and nervous system. Over half of the brain is composed of saturated fat and
    cholesterol. Interestingly, one of the riches sources of cholesterol is mother’s milk.
    SO you see the real problem is NOT cholesterol and saturated fat it has to do with the oxidation of
    cholesterol, free radical and inflammation. The key to preventing and reversing heart disease is to put
    out the inflammatory fires in your body.