DNA Testing

DNA Test

What can gene technologies reveal?

People require DNA testing to become genuinely informed about the best diet and fitness programs unique to their genes and become aware of any predisposition they may have related to conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and depression. Gene technologies can reveal issues with detoxification, methylation, oxidation, cholesterol metabolism, bone health, vitamin deficiencies, and bone health. With Well Aligned DNA testing, a trained practitioner will help you translate these findings into your unique lifestyle plan for healthy gene expression.

Nutrition & Diet

Understand how your may body process key vitamins and nutrients, and ways to optimize your nutrition.


Understand how your DNA impacts neurological conditions.

Health & Wellness

Learn how your DNA impacts traits and conditions related to heart disease and diabetes.

Actionable Insights

Understand Your Health Risks and Lifestyle Risks. Gain insights and knowledge from your DNA. Make informed changes & decisions. Learn how your DNA impacts your health both now and in the future! Through an evaluation of over 1500 genes, you can take action and develop a diet, fitness, and overall wellness plan that is tailored just for you.

Your DNA Insights

Gene technologies that look at a small handful of genes do not provide a true risk-profile or personal lifestyle plan. Instead, sometimes you must look at 100s of genes and how they work and interact together to give you a legitimate wellness plan and show you an actual over-all risk factor for common problems. Our program offers a polygenic risk score, assessing over 1500 genes. As a result, your rating will give you a more accurate picture of health problems you may be predisposed to and the strategies necessary to minimize your risks.

Backed By Cutting-Edge Science

A leading genome informatics team developed the Well Aligned program, led by a group of MIT recognized genetic scientists also involved in Helix project and many of the most popular DNA assessment programs available today.

Our experts come from the fields of genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, neuropsychology, and wellness-focused doctors. Together, they’ve created the necessary bioinformatics tools and algorithms required to interpret biological DNA sequences for the betterment of human health. We have utilized only the highest standards of research for evaluating DNA today to give you the confidence that your test results are scientifically-based.

Actionable Results

Private and secure. We don’t share your data
Personalized to your specific genes and needs
Easy to understand so you can take immediate action for a healthier gene expression
Science-based recommendations and insights
All supported by Well Aligned practitioners trained to guide you, answer questions, and maximize your chances of both immediate and long-term success
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